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Gallery Updates 2017-05-26

tags: colour, cg, conventions, chibis, pokemon, lily blade, game art

Jesus freakin christ, do I know how to delay an update or what? Here's all the stuff I've done since August 2015. GUH. There's some really good stuff here but damn, I really should update a thing.

There's actually way more than will fit in the preview space by default - so if you wanna see everything that's new, hit the full view or title of this post, and you'll get the goods.

Also, this update I have removed the term "trap" from tags and replaced it with "femboy". I'm not going to edit every comment to amend it, and in a way I feel like I shouldn't since that's kind of revisionist, but I can and should remove it from active usage, so I did. Thanks for ruining a cute fandom term, all the transphobic dickheads who would rather use it to hurt people >:\

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Gallery Updates 2015-07-28

tags: colour, cg, markers, conventions, sexy elves

Just a small update with some fresh work in anticipation of SMASH. Not much to see unless you have "worksafe" turned off, I'm afraid ^^;

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Gallery Updates 2015-07-14

tags: conventions, games, game jam, visual novel, sketches, flat colours, CG colours

Funny how every time I make fun of myself for taking forever to post new stuff, the next post takes the better part of a year >3>;

Nevertheless, today update brings you 2014's xmas angel, overdue Riggers pics, a pile of Fandominoes chibis, some lackluster hentai, and my first ever actually finished visual novel, Where Ages Go!

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Gallery Updates 2014-10-11

tags: character design, costumes, Guilded Age

Well that was friggin' ages between updates ^^; More designs for Guilded Age, which I posted on Twitter ages ago but neglected to add to my gallery in hopes that they would have company soon. HAH!

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Gallery Updates 2014-09-03

tags: character design, costumes, Guilded Age, Magic: The Gathering, comic, chibi

The original update text that was here got overwritten by me being a dhingus. Scuse me while I bash my head on this desk!

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Welcome to Carousal, the newest and least awful incarnation of Fox Lee's delightfully pornographic adult art gallery. If you didn't already know, this site is packed full of hentai goodness ranging from pinups to hardcore - encompassing more genders, species and pairings than you would ever expect (since many of them don't actually exist).

If you have a problem with porn, furries, yaoi, yuri or BDSM, get out while you can!

...Okay, now that the prudes are gone, the rest of you can come on in!

..."Namida no Tenshi"? That sounds like something some lame, overly-romantic teenager would call her hentai site in order to pretend it was totally about existential angst, rather than about naughtysexyfun. Of course dirty pictures can be beautiful and artistic, but let's not forget that they're also just fun. What else are you here for, after all? :p

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