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The Shoujo Dichotomy, or, Reasons to Love Ouran

Posted 2013-11-18 19:30:17 in Media, Social Issues

So here's a weak start to a post: I was thinking about a thing.

In this case it was work for Room 801 (it's never too early, right?), which led me to lose myself in trope pages for Ouran High School Host Club, one of my all-time favourite shows. And that got me thinking about something much bigger; the issue of pandering to women versus the issue of empowering women. I feel like there's a climate, amongst anime and manga fans in particuar, where there are two distinct groups amongst the female base - those who are mostly just about prettyboys, and those who have a more actively feminist bent, and disdain pretty-boys as being a dumb childish fascination.

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tags: feminism, anime, shoujo, shounen, pretty boys, rant

Very Small Wonder

Posted 2013-11-10 14:11:38 in Media, Social Issues

Wow guys. Niiiice fucking job posting a bunch of half-naked pinups as your recommendtions for fucking Wonder Woman. Seriously, you even chose the chick from Hunger Games, but went out of your way to present her while she's thoughtfully removing her bikini top? Impressive!

Fuck these guys. Mostly for recommending they cast Wonder Woman from a bunch of skinny, pouty, baby-faced pinup models (okay not you Charlize Theron, at least you look like a grown-up), but also for passing over Gina Carano, who might actually make a super-strong super-woman look like she could fucking punch a guy now and then.

If this article contains the slightest bit of thought beyond "hey guys let's post some titty pinups and use the words 'Miley Cyrus Twerking'", I will eat my cape.

tags: wonder woman, movies, douchebag blog, cheap excuse, titties titties TITTIES

Feminism and Disney Princesses

Posted 2013-11-01 19:26:17 in Social Issues, Media

Apparently, people do this thing where they like to refer to Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) as Disney's feminist princess. I guess I can see that, I thought to myself; I only watched the film once when it was current (despite becoming a voracious Disney consumer in my teens), and all I really remember of Belle is that they made her a bookworm (and her role in her own Sega game sucked). In the interest of solidifying my own opinions, I picked up the film again and gave it a watch, eager to see why we still think of it so fondly.

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tags: feminism, animation, disney, disney princesses

America, You Are The Dog

Posted 2012-10-15 22:27:41 in Social Issues

Okay, so if you care at all about American politics, you already know the story about Mitt Romney's dog. If you don't, go Google it - it won't be difficult, people love talking about it. Mostly they talk about how it's astonishingly gross, or cruel, or how he accidentally said "airtight" when he no doubt meant "windproof". However, the reason the story was brought up in the first place was in an effort to plug Romney, to show how he was calm in a crisis - he just cleaned up and got right back to what he was doing.

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tags: america, derp, politics, rant

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