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Gallery Updates 2017-05-26

Posted 2017-05-26 17:25:00 in News, Updates

Jesus freakin christ, do I know how to delay an update or what? Here's all the stuff I've done since August 2015. GUH. There's some really good stuff here but damn, I really should update a thing.

There's actually way more than will fit in the preview space by default - so if you wanna see everything that's new, hit the full view or title of this post, and you'll get the goods.

Also, this update I have removed the term "trap" from tags and replaced it with "femboy". I'm not going to edit every comment to amend it, and in a way I feel like I shouldn't since that's kind of revisionist, but I can and should remove it from active usage, so I did. Thanks for ruining a cute fandom term, all the transphobic dickheads who would rather use it to hurt people >:\

tags: colour, cg, conventions, chibis, pokemon, lily blade, game art

Gallery Updates 2015-07-28

Posted 2015-07-28 10:15:40 in News, Updates

Just a small update with some fresh work in anticipation of SMASH. Not much to see unless you have "worksafe" turned off, I'm afraid ^^;

Thumbnail, click to view
Thumbnail, click to view

tags: colour, cg, markers, conventions, sexy elves

Galery Updates 2013-12-17

Posted 2013-12-17 17:12:09 in News, Updates

Just a solitary update for Christmas. I've been working on some Christmas commissions too, but they're mostly private and/or in-jokey, so it's possible I won't post them here (for a rare change). We'll see!

tags: colour, CG, seasonal, beautiful girl hair

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